SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund II enters into financing framework agreement with Resalta and provides funding for five projects

Resalta and SUSI Partners, the Swiss fund manager specialising in sustainable energy investments, have concluded a second transaction following their first collaboration in October of 2016. Through the SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund II (SEEF II), one of the leading private investment vehicles financing energy efficiency projects in Europe, SUSI Partners will further support Resalta’s fast-growing project pipeline.

SEEF II will provide financing for operational projects as well as projects which are currently under construction. The transaction is structured as a sale of receivables with an initial consideration of EUR 1.4 million. Resalta remains owner of the energy efficiency project contracts and retains operation and maintenance responsibilities vis-à-vis its clients. The energy efficiency portfolio includes lighting, heating, ultrafiltration, and complete energy retrofit solutions implemented for public and commercial clients in Slovenia. The measures will allow for annual energy savings of 1.5 GWh and reduce CO2 emissions by 800 tons each year.

Following the successful deployment of the first SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund, SUSI Partners launched a second fund, SEEF II, with a target volume of EUR 300 million. SUSI Partners will continue to support Resalta’s work through SEEF II with a total financing volume under the new framework of up to EUR 20 million. The companies are entering their third year of partnership on energy efficiency, sharing a common belief in the importance of EE measures for achieving the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement targets and preserving the environment.

Luka Komazec, CEO of Resalta, stated: “We are very pleased with our continued collaboration with SUSI Partners, and that they have chosen once again to invest in Resalta. Gaining access to financing is crucial for the development of energy efficiency and renewables, and this transaction will enable us to move forward with our growth strategy both with regards to new projects and markets. Being recognized as a reliable partner and a good investment by SEEF II is proof of the quality of the work that Resalta does. I have no doubt that we will be able to continue our excellent relationship in the future."

Fabian Karger, Director at SUSI Partners' investment team, commented: “This transaction marks another important milestone for SUSI Partners in Slovenia, and we are delighted to continue our successful collaboration with Resalta. Together with Resalta as one of the leading ESCOs we look forward to further developing our footprint throughout the SEE/CEE region and being at the forefront of our shared mission, the energy transition.”

About Resalta

Resalta is a leading energy efficiency and renewables company in Central and Southeastern Europe, operating in eight markets throughout the region. A dynamic, fast-growing company, Resalta works with both public and private clients to finance, design and implement projects that reduce energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and promote sustainability while generating cost savings. So far, the company has realized over 180 energy projects for over 120 clients and continues to expand its product and service portfolio.

About SUSI Partners

SUSI Partners is a Swiss infrastructure fund manager specialising in sustainable investments supporting the energy transition. The firm currently manages approximately EUR 1 billion in investor commitments across five funds focused on opportunities in clean energy generation, energy efficiency enhancements, and energy storage and integrated solutions. With a successful track record of more than 85 transactions in 19 countries to date, SUSI Partners seeks to achieve attractive, stable and uncorrelated returns, while contributing to global climate targets by reducing CO2 emissions. For further information, please contact

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