Novigrad lighting project results in savings of 54%

In December 2015, Resalta and Javna Razsvetljava were chosen as partners for the public lighting renovation project in Novigrad, Croatia. The project was developed as a public-private partnership with a contract duration of 8 years. It included the replacement of 894 lamps, and was approved and co-financed by the Croatian Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. 

A year has passed since the project was realized and Novigrad is happily reporting savings of 54% on lighting, which is a great success for Resalta and the coastal town.

The project was specially designed to meet all the standards determined by the decree limiting light pollution of the environment. Special attention was also paid to the architectural specifics of Novigrad and consequently a retro design was chosen for the luminaries lighting the old part of the town. Aside from the improved environmental footprint and the energy savings, the new lighting system has significantly improved the level of visibility, which has had a positive impact on road safety on the pedestrian zones.

Nejc Frumen, director of Resalta Croatia: “This was Resalta’s first bigger project in Croatia. It resulted in 54% energy savings in its first year, which is an important confirmation that the client made the right decision by choosing to go ahead with renovations, and of our good work. The project in Novigrad is also an important reference for Resalta.”

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